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HazMat Suit Video

Watch HazMat Suit Video showing Personal Protection Gear in action during actual training videos and exercises.

The HazMat Suit Videos below will play in their own window. To view, simply click on the > button in the middle of the video window.

In this HazMat Suit Video, Firefighters from Tampa, Largo, St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park Fire Rescue Departments participated in a 160 hour hazardous materials technician class. The final scenario for the class was a chlorine tank car leak. The firefighters had to go through all of the steps necessary to safely handle the emergency.

Hazardous Materials Training Video 1

Hazardous Materials Training Video 2

HazMat Suit Exercise

Level A HazMat Suits Float

This exercise is designed to build confidence in the wearer that if the fall from a ship or barge into the water they will float.

Level A HazMat Suits Float 2

Tight Spaces In Level A

This is more of the June 2006 IAFC Confidence in the Hot Zone Class in Hunt Valley, MD

TAMUCC Mock Hazmat Field Exercise

In this HazMat Suit Video, Students in the National Spill Control School’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response class at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi responded to a “mock hazmat spill” on campus as part of a field exercise. The students mapped out a response and implemented their plans. Using totally encapsulating suits with self-contained breathing apparatus, they entered the controlled spill area, took samples and reported their findings.

Special Thanks to TampaFireResQ, FirehouseMike, TAMUCCvideogallery and chmsoldier for their HazMat Suit video contributions.

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